Contestant Rules & Regulations

Contestants understand they are entering the pageant at my own risk and do hereby hold harmless and waive all rights to any claim or lawsuit against: LeCher Productions, and its representatives. I enter all activities during the course of the Pageant at my own risk and expense. I also agree to hold harmless from liability, the owner, employees and affiliates of any official site/location(s) of the LIVING PINK pageant.


The LIVING PINK 2014 King/Queen, Prince/Princess agree to appear and participate at the following events as scheduled by LeCher Productions: Drag the Halls (December 2014), Tacoma’s Pride Celebration (July 2014), and the LIVING PINK 2015 Pageant (April 2015); in full regalia, including crown and sash, as applicable (crown and sash is provided by LeCher Productions). Any events known in advance that the King/Queen, Prince/Princess will not be able to attend should notify LeCher Productions as soon as it is known.


Other LeCher Production events may be scheduled during the year, attendance is not required, but encouraged. Events are at the King/Queen, Prince/Princess’ cost.


I further agree that any of my actions which are deemed as demeaning to the crown or the Pageant during my year as LIVING PINK are sufficient grounds for immediate and complete revocation of the title of LIVING PINK, the crown (un-disbursed or disbursed).  I agree to honor the ruling of the owners of LeCher Productions as the final deciding authority.


Dressing Room Policies


All contestants, assistants, and promoters must adhere to these policies. Violations of these policies will result in potential termination of competition. Contestants are responsible for the actions, conduct, and the consequences of those actions and conduct of their helpers, assistants, etc.


• Smoking will not be allowed in dressing rooms.  Smoking is permitted in designated areas only.

• Only one (1) assistant per contestant will be allowed in the dressing room(s) at any time, unless uniformly approved by the promoter.

• One (1) pass will be given to each contestant. This pass must be shared among the assistant’s. If a pass is lost, a new one may be purchased for $10.00. Until the new pass is issued, the contestant assistants will not be allowed to be in the dressing room(s). Only one pass per contestant will be allowed to be in use at any time. Revocation of all dressing room privileges will be the penalty given to any contestant whose assistants are found to be using more than one (1) pass at any time.

• All persons without a pass will be removed from the location of the pageant should they attempt to enter the dressing room(s)

• No beverages of any kind (including water) may be brought into the dressing rooms at any time.  Beverage stations will be provided.

• During the course of the pageant, there will be many people at any given time in the dressing room(s). For this reason there will be one person in charge of each dressing room. This individual will have the ultimate decision as to who is allowed to enter the dressing room. The dressing room monitor will be allowed to escort any individual out of the dressing room at their discretion.

• Contestants may bring their own mirrors.



Contestant Regulations


1. Contestants must be an individual that is currently battling or is a survivor of breast cancer, at least the age of 21 prior to the date of the pageant entry. A state issued (with photograph) identification must be provided at the time of registration. If for any reason the promoter finds any cause to investigate the age or residency status of the contestant, reasonable measures will be taken for that investigation and the contestant will be informed if just validation is found disqualifying them under this rule. All contestants must be a resident of Washington State.


2. Judging will be based on a total cash accumulation system. Ties will be broken by LeCher Productions


3. Contestants will participate in the following categories: Evening Gown/Talent, Onstage Interview, and Over the Top Pink.


4. Any contestant caught in the act of stealing will immediately be disqualified and removed from the location of the pageant. Additionally, non-compliance with this regulation will result in the permanent disqualification from entry into the LIVING PINK pageant.


5. Any contestant whose actions are interpreted as demeaning or disrespectful to the title of LIVING PINK will be disqualified. LeCher Productions along with Breast Cancer Resource Center reserves the right of final determination of what is considered to be demeaning behavior.


6. All contestants must agree to follow the Standards of Conduct of Contestants and Titleholders. Violating the Code of Ethics for Titleholders may result in the disqualification / revocation of the title and/or jeopardize the winner’s/first alternate’s standing.